• Calculator

    This is for anyone residing in Trenton who is interested in knowing how the May 8th bond proposal would impact their property taxes.

    Instructions to use the Tax Calculator below.


    1. Go on this link to get to the City of Trenton Tax Information, https://accessmygov.com/?uid=686
    2. In the box at the top, type in your name and press “Enter” on your keyboard or click on the “Search” Box
    3. Click on your residence
    4. Your taxable value will be at the top of the right hand column.
    5. You will need this Taxable Value number and your annual household income
    6. Click on the link below and input the your two personal values.



    1. Be sure to check whether you are A general taxpayer, a senior , or are disabled to include possible Homestead Property Tax Credit.
    2. You will get your change in taxes broken down to an annual, monthly, and daily value.