Facilities & Maintenance Operations

  • Kreszyn

    Ken Kreszyn
      Supervisor  kreszynk@trentonschools.com


    Our Maintenance Teams support our school safety by providing a  clean and organized facility for the students' and the teachers’ daily lives. Routine maintenance works in the background to prevent overt situations. Planned maintenance provides for timely and needed updates to the school’s infrastructure.

  • Neil E. VanRiper 

    Administration Building

    Trenton High School

    Custodian A

    • Rod Jankowski

    Custodian B

    • Samuel Payne
    • Alex Peel
    • Emily Ratledge
    • Jon Ream
    • Brian Stanley
    • Steve Stanley
    • Karen Trometer

    Service Building


    • Todd Keleman

    Custodian B

    • Willard Samuels

    Ground Supervisor

    • Chris Livernois
  • Arthurs Middle School

    Custodian A

    • Bobby Rose

    Custodian B

    • Barb Fenech
    • Lynn Musico
    • Preston Rose

    Anderson Elementary School

    Custodian A

    • Dave Pietras

    Custodian B

    • Dean Martin
    • Amy Rose

    Hedke Elementary School

    Custodian A

    • Brian Rensi

    Custodian B

    • Mary Salazar
    • Brian Stanley
    • Bernadette Thabit


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