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New HoverCams have arrived.

Please contact the Media Center or the Tech Department to exchange your old document camera for a new HoverCam.

Driver Installation

1. Go to this site:


2. Click the first blue button to download the correct file:



3. Open the downloaded file


4. After a minute or two, this screen will show up. Select the "Begin Installation" button

Begin screen.png


5. Scroll to the bottom of the license agreement and select the "I Agree" button

License agreement.png


6. Select the "Start" buttonStart screen.png


7. It will take about 10 minutes to install. Once it's finished, you can exit this program with the "Finish" button or the X in the corner



The Hovercam should be working now.

Learn to Use Your HoverCam


Specific videos you may want to watch using the above link:

Adjusting the Camera Image

Focusing the Camera Image

Zooming-In & Out

Learn how to unbox and set up your Spark II document camera by watching the video below. Note: there are no significant feature differences between the Spark II and the Solo 8 Plus described in the video.

1. Solo 8Plus Intro

2 min 31 sec video

Focus Issues

Change the resolution to 4K (sharper/higher quality image):

1. Connect your HoverCam with the USB cable


2. Open the HoverCam Flex11 app on your computer



3. Once the camera has initialized, click the "Settings" button (gear icon in the bottom right corner)

Settings icon.png


4. Click "Resolution" dropdown menu

Settings menu 1.png



5. Select "4K (4:3)" from the list

Settings menu 2.png


6. Click the green "Save" button in the bottom left

Settings menu 3.png




Prevent Refocusing: Use "Auto Focus-Lock" Button 

1. Place the item you want "in focus" underneath the HoverCam


2. Remove your hands and any other surrounding objects out of the camera view


3. Wait for the image to focus




4. If it's not in focus, change the height of the camera by moving the head up or down. Wait for it to gain focus.


5. Once the image is focused, press the "AF-L " (Auto Focus-Lock) button on the base of the HoverCam to retain focus of the placed item. Be careful not to wave your hand or other object under the camera before pressing the button, or it will refocus on the moving object. 

Note: the AF button turns off the Auto Focus-Lock

  • This process will need to be done every time you unplug the HoverCam, or restart your computer.