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Press the Windows logo key  + P to use the "Project" Menu

  • PC screen only: This mode only shows video on the primary display, even if a second one is connected.
  • Duplicate: This mode duplicates the video output from the primary display onto a second display, which can be ideal for presentations.
  • Extend: This mode extends the desktop across as many displays as you have connected. It stitches them all into one large virtual desktop, and you can move windows between them.
  • Second screen only: This mode only shows video on the second display, while the primary display remains blank and unused.

Elementary Cafe/Gym Projector System

It is necessary to follow the sequence listed for the Projector/Sound System to work properly.

The Network Closet across the hall houses the Projector/Speaker system

  1. Start with the Network Closet
  2. Power on the (labeled "Projector System") Power Supply Unit in the Network Closet (wait for it to fully power up)
  3. Take the projector remote, HDMI cable, microphone (in the storage container) to the gym 
  4. Use the remote to power on the projector (wait fo the screen to display)
  5. Power on your desired device (laptop, dvd player, etc)
  6. Connect your device via the HDMI cable and then connect it to the wall outlet. 

If you perform any of the above out of order. You may experience audio with no video or no projection. 

  • Reset the system by powering off and disconnecting all devices:
    • Projector
    • Input device: laptop, dvd, etc...
    • Power switch

      Repeat Steps 1 - 6