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Projectors Wireless

1. Turn on the projector (Allow a minute or two for it to warm up)


2. Verify that your projector is showing something similar to the image below (Make sure your computer isn't already plugged in with a cable). Take note of the name that your projector shows, I've highlighted the one mine displayed in red:

Wireless Display Adapter Splash Screen.png


3. Go to your laptop. With it turned on and logged in, do the following keyboard shortcut: Windows key + P (Press both at the same time)

Keyboard Shortcut.png


4. After a couple seconds, a bar should pop up on the right side of the screen that says "PROJECT" at the top. First select the "Duplicate" option, then click the blue "Connect to a wireless display" text near the middle of the bar: 

Project Screen.png


5. This should switch to a slightly different bar which says "CONNECT" at the top. Now select the name that you noted down in the second step.

Connect to a wireless display.png

Note: It may take a few seconds to show up. Make sure you are within 20 feet of the projector.


6. After a couple seconds, your screen should look something like this:


And your projector should be showing the same thing as your screen!


If you want to hide the bar at the top, you can click the little pin icon. When you want to disconnect, you can turn the projector off or click "Disconnect" either on the bar at the top or on the side (you can follow the same steps to get the bar on the side back).


If you use external speakers that connect to your laptop instead of the projector, there will be a delay in the video when compared with the audio. If this is the case, let me know because I have a solution for that.