•  AdvancED

    Trenton Public Schools achieved, for the second time, the distinction of district accreditation by AdvancED.  AdvancED is a leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services by conducting rigorous on-site external reviews of school systems around the world.  Schools' voluntary participation in this process demonstrates a commitment to systemic, systematic, and sustainable improvement.

    Trenton Public Schools hosted an AdvancED External Review Team from February 22-24, 2016.  During the visit, the four-person team interviewed 160 stakeholders, visited all school buildings, observed 49 classrooms, and reviewed district performance data.  The External Review Team examined the district's systems and processes with a focus on capacity of leadership, impact of teaching and learning, and the use of resources.

    The External Review Team recognized four Powerful Practices across the district:
    1. The district operates as a collaborative learning organization through structures that support improved instruction and student learning at all levels.
    2.  The district systematically monitors and communicates to all stakeholders information about student learning and academic performance in multiple delivery methods. 
    3.  The Trenton School Board consistently protects, supports, and respects the autonomy of the leadership at all levels of the Trenton Public Schools to manage day to day operations and meet their goals for achievement and instruction.
    4.  The district engages in a systematic and inclusive process to review, revise, and communicate district-wide purpose and direction.
    Improvement Priorities also are identified for all school systems that complete an External Review. Over the next two years, Trenton Public Schools will address the following priorities:
    1.  Identify, coordinate, and evaluate support services and instructional strategies to meet the unique learning, emotional, and social needs of all students.
    2.  Identify and implement instructional strategies that engage students in learning and ensure achievement of learning expectations in all K-12 classrooms with fidelity. 
    Trenton Public Schools exceeded the AdvancED Index of Education Quality in all measured areas, including an overall score of 298.78 as compared to the network average of 278.34. 
    The External Review process validated the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the Trenton Public Schools staff and community.