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  • Kelly Miller

    Kelly Miller

    There is a strong sense of community in Trenton that resonates at Anderson Elementary School. 

    We desire our students to feel safe and nurtured, and able to express their individuality in a judgement free environment. 

    Our students are proud to be All Stars in the Trojan community.

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.     Contact Us: Phone: (734) 676-2177 / Fax: 734-676-7364

Anderson Elementary School

  • When I think of Anderson Elementary School, I cannot help but think of three things:  the staff, the students, and the community.   

    The Anderson Staff personify the word dedication. They are committed to their students' mind, body, and spirit.  Teachers continually go the extra mile to ensure that each student receives a top notch education.  They work tirelessly to ensure that each student’s needs are met on an individual educational level.  I see teachers coming in early and staying late, day in and day out, to be sure that they are ready for the next lesson. Teachers craft creative lessons to capture the hearts, interests, and needs of each individual student. 

    The health of each student is paramount to our staff.  From day one, teachers are encouraging healthy habits for students that go beyond the traditional sense.  Of course, we care about what our students eat and encourage healthy eating habits but we also care about establishing a healthy lifestyle.  We encourage exercise and movement daily with mind breaks and “wiggles.”  Students get fresh air and enjoy active play with daily recess - learning valuable lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom.  Additionally, we encourage extra curricular activities like Mileage Club (where students can step ahead with fitness) or the Kids Heart Challenge.

     We are a proud Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports school (PBIS) reinforcing the positive  efforts of our students.  Our goal is to go beyond the educational level and build students of character that will represent Anderson Elementary School and The Trenton Public School District long after these children leave our doors.  Using “the multi-tiered approach to social, emotional, and behavior supports” helps our staff to shape citizens that future generations will be proud of.  PBIS has permeated every level of education, Pre-K to 5, in all aspects of the school including classrooms, lunch rooms, and playgrounds.  Staff members are trained and dedicated to the success of this renown program but more importantly to the development of the character of each student. 

    We desire our students to feel safe and nurtured at Anderson.  In unprecedented times, safety is a key factor.  Kids need to feel safe in the classroom to express their individuality in a judgement free environment.  Kids will be kids and make mistakes.  Taking advantage of teachable moments in everyday life with restorative practices teaches students how to safely resolve conflict.  We are building conflict-resolution toolkits that can last a lifetime. 

    There is a strong sense of community in Trenton that resonates at Anderson Elementary as well.  Students are proud to be All Stars in the Trojan community.  Families take care of families in Trenton.  If there is a family in need, neighbors rally together to bring meals, donate clothing, help with child care, or provide rides.  This sense of community is seen in the classroom with students caring for classmates to emulate what they are taught in their homes.  Building a strong classroom community enables our students to grow and thrive.


    The students at Anderson Elementary earn an education that establishes their foundation in academic excellence. 

  • Anderson Elementary School is a public, comprehensive school, grades YoungK-5.  Annual enrollment is approximately 520 - 550 students. 

    Accreditation: We are accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges and Accreditation by Advanced Ed.

    Faculty is 100% Highly Qualified.

    Student Opportunities

    Every student receives daily instruction in Reading, Writing, and Math.  Science and Social Studies are taught 3-5 days / week.  Special Classes in Physical Education, Computers, Art, and Music are taught 1 day / week.

    Curriculum related field trips are scheduled per grade.

    Assemblies are scheduled for the whole school and include topics such as Writing, Animals from around the world/ Animal habitats / Anti-bullying / PBIS programing / Author visits / and a Musical program.

    Fourth grade students learn to play an insturment (a recorder - like a flute) and perform a concert in the spring.

    Fifth grade students who desire can take instrumental music before school 2-3 / week.

    Students in grades K-2 are assessed using the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Assesssment at least 4 times / year.  

    Students in grades 3-5 are assessed using the Measurement of Academic Progrss (MAP) assessment at least 3 times / year.  They also take the state wide required assessment M-STEP in the spring over several days.

    Anderson Elementary is a center program for Hearing Impaired students.

    Extra-Curricular Activities


    Anderson offers a variety of clubs and evening events.


    Fall - Cheerleading camp, STEM Club (grades 4 and 5)

    Family picnic, Fall pictures, Book fair


    Winter - Art club, Game club, Computer club may also be added this year

    Christmas Program, Santa Secret Shop, Activity nights for grade (3-5)


    Spring - Running club, Cheerleading camp, March is Reading Month

    Spring Book fair, Spring pictures,  5th grade camp