State of the Art Technology

  • The greenhouse will be used to support our new Applied Horticulture Program. Ms. Potter will be growing a variety of crops to teach students the various operations involved in operating a greenhouse and sale of materials grown throughout the year. Students will be responsible for the care of plants from seedlings through reproduction propagation. Students will be involved with the course for the entire school year.


  • Greenhouse

Future Community Garden

  • Future City Garden

  •  The greenhouse will have a Community Garden attached to it to build a relationship with the City of Trenton Community Garden at the Emily Frank Community Center. 

Easy Access

  • Easy Access to Greenhouse

  • Students will also use plants grown in the greenhouse to supplement the landscape around Trenton High School.

Lighting and Ventilation

  • Greenhouse Lighting and Ventilation

  • State of the Art Greenhouses operate, dramatically reducing their energy use and increasing yields and crop quality through lighting energy management systems integrated with carbon dioxide supplementation, ventilation improvements, and humidity control.

  • Humidity

  • Evaporative cooling is a simple system that uses the heat in the air to evaporate water from leaves and other wetted surfaces. It can cool the greenhouse to 10-20° F below the outside temperature. It takes 1 Btu of heat to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1° F, but it takes 1,060 Btu’s of heat to convert the 1 pound to a vapor.

    With an evaporative cooling system, humid air containing the heat that it picked up within the greenhouse is exhausted through the vents or fans to be replaced by cooler, drier outside air.

  • Interior