Article 1: Statement of the Name

    This organization shall be known as the Trenton High School Anthaneum Chapter of the National Honor Society.

    Article 2: General Purpose

    A.    To recognize well rounded students that have achieved high standards in scholarship, leadership, service and character.

    B.    To encourage continued growth in these four areas:

    1.     Scholarship – build on what members have already achieved and continue to achieve academic excellence for post-secondary work.

    2.     Leadership – members should be involved in the school and community, and be positive role models in and out of class.

    3.     Service – NHS Members must give back to their school and community through positive activities.

    4.     Character – this combines leadership, service and scholarship. Students should be honored citizens of the school and community.

    Article 3:  Powers vested in NHS

    A.    The Chapter Advisor: The advisor shall be a member of the faculty where the chapter is located. The advisor promotes chapter activities, stimulates positive actions by members and provides information on local and national policies regulating chapter activities.

    B.    The Principal: The Principal appoints and works closely with the chapter advisor and the Faculty Council to develop and follow fair selection and dismissal procedures consistent with the National Constitution. 

    Article 4: Qualification of Membership

    A.    Scholarship: Cumulative GPA of 3.3

    B.    Leadership:  The student must be resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles and making suggestions. Students must also demonstrate that they show initiative in promoting school activities and must contribute ideas that improve the civic life of the school. A student who wishes to be in the Trenton Anthaneum Chapter of NHS must show that he/she is a leader in the classroom, at work and in community activities.

    C.     Service:  A student who wishes membership must also volunteer his/her time to serve the school or community. The student should do this without payment or compensation in any way.

    D.    Character:  A student must also demonstrate all of these six qualities:  respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship to be considered for admission and retention to the Trenton Anthaneum Chapter of NHS.

    Article 5: Definition of an “active member”

    A.    A student in the Trenton Anthaneum Chapter of NHS must obtain the following goals:

    1.  Volunteer nine hours of tutoring per school year (three per trimester).

    2.  Volunteer 15 hours of school service per year (five per trimester).

    3.  Volunteer 18 hours of community service per school year (six per trimester).

    4.  Half of the school and community service hours must be from an NHS sponsored event unless otherwise discussed with the NHS advisor.

    5.  Must participate and raise money in the Chapter’s fundraising activities.

    6.  Must attend meetings:  If a student misses two consecutive meetings (without a valid excuse note), he/she will receive a written warning. A third missed meeting (without a valid excuse note) will be taken under advisement of the NHS advisor and Faculty Council for possible removal from the chapter.

    B. If these goals are not met each trimester, the student will be notified in writing by the advisor of their probationary period. If the goals are not met by the end of this probationary period, the student must meet with the Faculty Council to explain his/her lack of participation. Faculty Council will then determine whether the member should be removed from the chapter.

    C.  Any third trimester senior who does not meet these goals by the last day for seniors, unless discussed with the NHS Advisor prior to the last day for seniors, shall not be recognized as an active NHS member. In essence, the student cannot wear the sash/collar at the commencement ceremony. The option to buy the sash is not available. Recognition can only be obtained by complying with the definition of an active member.

    Article 6: Dismissal from NHS

    A. Grounds for consideration of dismissal are:

    1.  When a student is not upholding the principle of morality and ethics.

    2.  When a student breaks the law.

    3.  When a student is not cooperating by complying with the school regulations concerning property, programs, office, halls, etc.

    4.  When a student does not demonstrate high standards of honesty, cheating/plagiarism, courtesy, concern and respect for others.

    B. All cases will be put in front of the five members of the Faculty Council to determine if the student deserves dismissal.

    C.  For purposes of dismissal, a majority vote of the Faculty Council is required.

    D. Parent or other party statements during a hearing are not accepted. Parent or third party are allowed to be present in the room for the hearing.

    E.  A member who is dismissed may appeal the decision to the principal and thereafter under the same rules for disciplinary appeals in the school district.

    Article 7: Time, method and procedure for nomination and selection of members

    A. NHS advisor receives a list of all eligible students based on 3.3 GPA through the last trimester of their sophomore year.

    B. A student activities resume is passed out to all those eligible students.

    C.  A student information sheet is distributed to teachers throughout the school for their input on character.

    D. The student activities resumes are judged by the Faculty Council to decide if the student is eligible for admission to NHS.

    E.  If the student is eligible, he or she is inducted into NHS at the end of the first trimester of their junior year.

    F.  Members of the senior class who are eligible may also be considered at this time.

    G. Upon induction, students will buy a one-time-only membership fee of $20.00.

    Article 8: Frequency of meetings and provisions for special occasions

    A. The chapter will hold one regularly scheduled meeting every month. The officers and advisor will decide the day.

    B. Special meetings may be called if deemed necessary by the officers and/or the advisor.

    Article 9: The duties of the NHS Officers (can only be seniors)

    A.                   President

    1.     Presides at all meetings

    2.     Calls for minutes and reports

    3.     Recognizes speakers

    4.     Calls for votes

    5.     Enforces observation of constitution

    6.     Adjourns meetings

    7.     Participates in the induction of new members

    B.                   Vice President

    1.     Performs duties of President in his/her absence

    2.     General assistant to the president

    3.     Helps keep track of tutoring, school and community service hours

    4.     Other duties as appointed by president or advisor

    C.                    Secretary

    1.     Receives and preserves correspondence, records, reports, etc.

    2.     Sends out notes of special meetings

    3.     Receives and files chapter’s constitution and documents

    4.     Records votes at meetings

    5.     Takes minutes at NHS meetings

    6.     Prepares agenda for NHS meetings

    7.     Keeps records of names of people involved in NHS projects

    D.                   Treasurer

    1.     Prepares budget with NHS advisor

    2.     Receives deposits and upon proper authority discusses funds

    3.     Keeps complete and accurate records of all financial transactions

    4.     Submits a treasurer’s report if requested

    5.     Makes all records and materials available for authorized audits

    6.     Helps with all fundraising

    E.                    Historian(s)

    1.     Attend and document all NHS activities using pictures and/or writing

    2.     Research history of NHS if requested

    F.                    Representative(s)

    1.     Performs duties requested of them by other officers and advisor

    Article 10: Method and procedure for ratification of bylaws

    A.                   Bylaws will be presented and approved by faculty council and administration.

    B.                    By laws will be available in the NHS advisor’s room for members to review.

    Article 11: NHS Funds

    A.                   The account will be under the heading of “NHS”

    B.       A tentative budget will be made every school year by the treasurer with the assistance of the officers and the advisor.