Welcome to the Trenton Public Schools

Dr. Michael K. Doyle

Phone: 734 692 4531


Degrees and Certifications:

Trenton High School 1980. Diploma. Michigan State University 1985 Bachelor of Science. Multidisciplinary Studies. Minor Biology. Eastern Michigan 1992 Master of Arts. Guidance and Counseling. Wayne State 1996 College of Education. Education Specialist. Wayne State 2002 Doctor of Education. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Dr. Michael K. Doyle

Professional Experience

Trenton Public Schools Community Liaison Director - 2018 - present.

Trenton High School Principal - 2005 - 2018.

Wayne State University Adjunct Professor - 2005 - present.

Trenton High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - 2000-2005.

Allen Park High School Assistant Principal - 1996-2000.

Dearborn High School Interim Assistant Principal Spring - 1995.

Dearborn High School Social Studies/Biology Teacher - 1986 -1996.

Deerfield High School Social Studies Teacher - 1985-1986.

  • Welcome back for the school year 2018-2019.

     I’ll have a new role this year. I’ll be working with all of you as the Community Liaison Director for the Trenton Public Schools.


    The purpose of this role is for me to work to implement an outreach program that directly helps the district achieve its strategic goals. The strategic goals include school and community relations along with student achievement, teaching and learning practices, and financial responsibilities and operations.


    Our Board feels that one of the primary responsibilities of this position is communicating with our community on how effectively the schools funds are being spent. One goal is to communicate with stakeholders clear and accurate information about the Trenton Public Schools while also inviting involvement from our stakeholders.


    For example, the community of Trenton supported the Trenton Public Schools by passing a $57 million dollar bond on May 8. One of my many roles is to update the community on the Bond improvements and progress to the community. I want to present accurate information through a variety of media including but not limited to the TPS website, Twitter, and Facebook. Also the Trenton Trib, the News-Herald, a school newsletter, and other methods of print communication that are excellent ways to get information to the public.  


    This communication will help with the goal that the district develops and maintains a positive, collaborative relationship with all of our stakeholders in the TPS. We want to work to strengthen our support of this fine school district. We want to increase our relationships with the community through communication.


    We also want to increase awareness and work to support of TPS goals, objectives and our many outstanding programs in the Trenton Schools by using different sources of electronic, print, and mass media. We want to make people aware of the many great things happening in TPS.


    TPS also wants to work to establish effective employee communications that will help to improve internal communication and help employee engagement. We want to work with communication amongst our employees and have our employees engaged in communications with our community.

     Also, I want to work to coordinate communication, both internally in the district and externally with the community regarding important safety issues and crisis management situations. Safety and crisis management are vital to any school district. I want to share accurate information with staff and parents about safety plans and crisis information.

     I want to work to maintain positive media relations to enhance the TPS image on local, state and national levels through several of the sources that I have already listed.


    While I will miss being Principal of the high school, I look forward to being a trusted bridge between the Board, TPS staff, TPS administration, and the community of Trenton.


    Please follow me on Twitter at @DocThs80 or email me at doylem@trentonschools.com.