• Anyone who can learn one language can learn more than one language.  At Trenton High School that can be accomplished by studying French, German or Spanish from one to four levels.  The programs stress reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture, covering all these areas at all levels.  Reading can be words on charts or short stories;  writing progresses from words to paragraphs.  Listening to peers and to native speakers, and then speaking in class and recording provide plenty of practice.   The culture of a country includes its holidays as well as general beliefs and the day to day interactions of its citizens.  The emphasis of the complete World Language Department is on learning language for the purpose of using it, so active participation both inside and outside of class results in a proficient, well-rounded language student.

    The World Language Department teachers have traveled the world, studying, and living in many countries, as well as chaperoning student trips abroad.  They have a wealth of knowledge, not just of the languages they teach, but also of the geography and ways of the people.  Use of these invaluable human resources as well as what is available to our students online make our programs full of relevancy as the students undertake mastery of another language and culture.  Language students also have the opportunity to travel abroad and / or to host students from other lands.


    * Current Trenton High School students are encouraged to check their school gmail accounts.  Your 3rd trimester World Language teacher has invited you to a Google Classroom where you will find information about your course, enrichment activities, and possible dates and times for online meetings/instruction.