•   Neil E. Van Riper Building Welcome Visitors

     Our regular Board of Education meetings are held on the second
    and fourth Mondays of every month at 6:30 p.m.
     Neil E. Van Riper Administration Building
     Board of Education Conference Room 
      2603 Charlton Road, Trenton


     Order of Agenda

    1.   Call to Order by the President
    2.   Pledge of Allegiance
    3.   Roll Call by the Secretary
    4.   Recognition of Visitors
    5.   Public Comment
    6.   Approval of General Consent Agenda Items

    • Minutes of Previous Meeting

    • Personnel Change

    • Financial Reports

    7. Reports and Recommendations for Action
    8. Reports for Information and Study
    9. Old Business and New Business
    10. Correspondence
    11. Public Comment
    12. Adjournment


     1.   The Board of Education encourages the public to attend regular and special meetings.  A Board Meeting is scheduled for the purpose of conducting Board business and is not a public forum.
    2.   An attempt will be made to hold Board of Education Meetings in facilities that will enable the public to hear and see the Board as it conducts the necessary school business.

    3.   An individual or group wishing to be placed on an agenda for the purpose of bringing an issue to the attention of the Board shall submit their request to the Superintendent at least one week in advance of the meeting to allow time for inclusion of the item in the materials which are available to the Board of Education Members and Public online at http://www.boarddocs.com/mi/trenton/Board.nsf.  The written requests to appear on the agenda should include the topic to be discussed and such explanatory materials as will assist the Board Members in understanding the issues to be presented.

    4.   An individual or group will be scheduled to appear at an early time on the agenda whenever possible.  Time for the presentation may be limited by the Board President.
    5.   Upon arriving at the meeting, visitors will receive an agenda of items to be covered at the meeting.  During the first “Public Comment” the public may comment on agenda items.  Please limit comments to 3 to 5 minutes each.  At the end of the agenda another opportunity for “Public Comment” is available and the public may comment on issues other than agenda items.
    6.   Opportunity may be provided by the Presiding Officer for public comment prior to final action on any agenda item except personnel changes and routine items such as cash and investment balances, voucher checks, and similar reports that are received and placed on file.  A visitor or group may speak only once on any agenda item.  There shall be a time limit of 3 to 5 minutes per person or group.  Public comment may be extended beyond this rule at the discretion of the Presiding Officer.
    7.   If an individual or group wishes to address the Board on any matter, further opportunity to do so shall be provided after all scheduled business is completed.  The President may establish a time limit per person or group.  Immediate action on a request of a visitor is neither required nor expected.  Except in emergencies, the procedure shall be to refer the matter to the Superintendent for thorough study and to request a report containing factual data pertinent to the issues and the recommendation of the Superintendent.
    8.   Visitors will be notified when they may expect a response from the Board or the Superintendent regarding their concerns.
    9.   Visitors are requested not to discuss problems related to personnel at a public meeting.  Anyone wishing to address the Board on a matter involving an individual by name shall do so in a written statement signed by the complainant so that the Board may protect the rights of all concerned.
    10.  It is expected that only issues that cannot be resolved at the individual school level or by the Superintendent's Office will be presented to the Board.


Board Member Roster

Meetings and Workshops

Special Dates

  • MLK DAY: January 18, 2021 – No School for Students and Staff
    WINTER BREAK: Afternoon of February 12, 2021 – February 15, 2021 – School Resumes February 16, 2021 
    SPRING BREAK: March 29, 2021 - April 2, 2021 –- School Resumes April 5, 2021 
    (Good Friday is April 2, 2021 and Easter is April 4, 2021)
    NEXT ELECTION: Tuesday, November 2, 2021
    CHRISTMAS BREAK: December 20, 2021 to December 31, 2021 – School Resumes January 3, 2022