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Trenton Public Schools Adds Transportation Services during the I-75 time period.

High School Parent/Guardian:

Trenton Public Schools has made many changes to their transportation infrastructure as the distribution of school aged children has shifted within the community.  These changes evolved as we transition from a six elementary school district in the 1970’s to two elementary buildings today.  The last significant changes came in 2006 and 2010. 

These changes included an increase in the walking distance for many students.   Our elementary walkers are supported by crossing guards at the intersections near each of the elementary buildings.   There are a total of nine crossing guards for both the elementary drop-off and pick-up.  As middle school and high school walking routes were adjusted they were sure to include designated crosswalks with full traffic signals. 

I-75 Closure Map Michigan Department of Transportation (M-DOT) has announced the closing of the Downriver section of I-75 starting in February of 2017.  The closure is expected to last two years.  An alternate route identified by M-DOT during the closure is a seventeen mile stretch of Fort Street from Exit 28 near Rockwood to the south to Exit 43 near Schaffer Highway to the north.  This will significantly increase the traffic volume on Fort Street through Trenton during the closure.

Trenton Public Schools will be adding to our transportation service during this time period.  High school students living in the area between Fort Street and the D.T.&I Railroad lines from Harrison Avenue to Marian Street will be offered transportation to and from Trenton High School. The service will start on Monday, January 30, 2017.

  Fort Street Map The scheduled stops and approximate pick-up times are:

  1.    2711 Veterans Parkway –    7:00 a.m.

  2.    1521 Marie Street –             7:01 a.m.

  3.    Harrison Avenue and Harbour Boulevard -        7:03 a.m.

  4.    Cherry Street and Dickinson Avenue –              7:04 a.m.

  5.    Marian Drive and Trumbull Avenue –                7:09 a.m.

  6.    Marian Drive and York Avenue –                       7:11 a.m.

  7.    Clyde Avenue and William R Avenue –             7:13 a.m.

  8.    Drop-off at Trenton High School –                     7:18 a.m.

  The bus stops above will be followed during a three week trial period and adjustments made after that time period based on actual driving times and the number of students using the service.