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2018 Competitive School Safety Grant

Through the collaborative efforts of the City of Trenton and the Trenton Public Schools, a Competitive Schools Safety Grant was submitted for the 2018 Fiscal Year in September of 2018.

The Michigan State Police (MSP) administer the School Safety Grant.

The purpose of the School Safety Grant program is to purchase equipment and/or technology which will improve the safety and security of school buildings, students and school staff. The goal of this program is to create a safer school environment through equipment and technology enhancements.

The Michigan State Police (MSP) received 407 applications, which were requesting $69 million. The agency announced it is giving the $25 million to 114 school districts, 42 private schools, 22 charter schools and 10 regional districts.    

As a result of the partnership between the City of Trenton and the Trenton Public Schools, the State of Michigan, as the source of funding, has awarded $81,750 to the Trenton Public Schools through the Competitive Schools Safety Grant.

Award and Budget Summary:

$24,000 Door access systems

$31,200 Visitor management systems

$10,500 Panic button system

$3,750 Access control system

$12, 300 Two-way radios

This project is supported by the Competitive School Safety Grant Program, awarded by the State of Michigan and administered by the Michigan State Police (MSP). Points of view or opinions contained within this document do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the State of Michigan or the MSP.