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ALICE Training

From Officer Jake Davis-SRO Trenton Public Schools


We are in the midst of ALICE active shooter response training in Trenton Schools and I wanted to inform parents about what is and what is not going on.

The ALICE protocols are a set of proactive strategies to increase the chances of survival during an active shooter event. The children are being taught to be alert to what is going on around them, they are being taught to evacuate or barricade if evacuation is not possible and as a last resort to counter a shooter using noise, movement, and adults swarming the shooter.

What I am not doing is any sort of hyper-realistic training scenarios where the kids are subjected to blank gunshots or fake wounds or simulated terrorist assaults. My goal is not to frighten the kids into believing that they are not safe.

Teaching the ALICE protocols is all about keeping the kids safe and giving them and the staff options instead of traditional lockdowns which statistically do not work.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My phone number at the high school is (734) 365-0575 and the middle school is (734) 365-0728