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Trenton Public Schools Board of Education

The January 13, 2020, Trenton Public Schools Organizational & Regular Board Meeting included the presentation of a plaque and gavel to last year’s president, Ms. Rachel N. Helton (pictured left). In appreciation of Ms. Helton’s year of service as president, President Kellee S. Howey awarded and thanked Ms. Helton on behalf of the Trenton Board of Education for her service and accomplishments in 2019. Ms. Helton will continue to serve as Trustee during 2020.

Trenton Public Schools Board of Education 2020

Ms. Kellee S. Howey - President

Mr. Sean R. Gearhart - Vice-President

Mr. David M. French - Secretary

Mrs. Maegan E. Drake - Treasurer

Mr. Michael J. Hawkins- Trustee

Ms. Rachel N. Helton- Trustee

Mrs. Heather L. Lear - Trustee